This problem can have several reasons: 

1. Order wasn't shipped yet. Did you receive a confirmation e-mail about the shipment? 

2. Order is on the way – please check the tracking link (in the confirmation e-mail).

3. If the package seems to be "on hold", it usually means the postal courier wasn't able to reach you at your address. This usually means the package is held up at your local post office – please call or visit them for more info.

If your package was shipped with Slovak Post, your local post office is always the best source of information about package delivery. They have the most recent info, and very often they hold your package. It usually gets stored for 1-2 weeks and then it is sent back to us. Please contact them as soon as your package is not delivered in time.

⚠️ All postal systems are currently experiencing delays and/or are not updating tracking information due to COVID-19 pandemic. Please give it a few more days. Packages seem to arrive, but not on time. Thank you for your patience.